Are we really made for each other?

I’m sure we all remember the stories of THE ONE, that person that was made for us.

I find these stories to be only half true.

The one is a number, a ranking if you will; everyone else becomes lower than the one (first). But “The ONE” is not only the front runner; they are the one that no one is gaining ground on.

The part of the stories that I can’t agree with is that someone is made for us. The reason why I cannot believe someone is made for me is because I keep GrOwING, and I’ve never had a shoe that fits but also can fit me if I never stop growing. I say that to say this.


No ONE is made for another.

My completion of the half true story.
Two people meet that are not made for each other, They are both interested in growth and like the direction of the other persons  their respect and interest for each other cultivates their growth. These two people CHOOSE to GROW together and become THE ONE for each other, and BECOME made for each other.


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