last chance to do your 2015 self a favour, so please don’t wake up with a hang over the next day. Do me a favour, set up for a step up.

Get things clear, I think goal setting is still such an undervalued tool, planning is essential for ‘predictable success’.

When setting goals don’t just think of what you want to have/achieve, think about who you want to become,get to know this person. What kind of goals would they have? Check that who you want to become is in complete harmony with what you want to achieve.
Focus and be a person that gets things finished, once you realise your goals you must plot your course towards them step by step, task by task.

finished products are always more valuable

I say a job undone leaves rewards uncollected so make sure that tasks are getting completed because each task completed is a step closer to your goal.
Personally I have a creative mind that is quite expansive so it’s easy for me to get lost in an idea if it were not for focus, I’ve only recently learnt the power of focus and I expect to display my uses of it in the coming year with some of my projects.
<strongAlways be on
What I mean by that is once you decided on the person that you want to be, become that person is your actions and your thoughts. Facades fade but character doesn’t, don’t confuse your self make a decision to the the person you say you want to be, some day will be tougher than others but all of them will be worth it.

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Build something that will last….




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